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InView Difference



IInView Displays are not just a LCD renamed as a Marine Display, they are built from the ground up as a purpose built marine
display.  The Marine environment is very harsh on displays and equipment, sun, heat, water, salt, etc.  For this reason the InView LCD Marine SPD and SPS series have been designed to meet these needs.


Optical Bonding

High Temperatures during the day and low temperatures at night as well as a damp environment can lead to fogging and condensation between the glass and the LCD Panel.  InView Displays feature Optical Bonding of the Glass Touch Screen directly to the LCD Panel, therefore solving this problem.


This is the only real way to solve this problem, and although expensive it is standard on all InView Displays.



All screens are >1000 cd/m2 Sunlight Viewable in all conditions.

Designed for 20c to 60c Temperature Range

0.5 cd/m2 to 1000cd/m2.  Night View to full Sunlight View, with the turn of a Knob or Night View Preset Button.

Touch Screen for ease of use, with Touch enabled software like Coastal Explorer 2009, Nobeltec Admiral, etc

IP 65 Waterproof Front Bezel when Console Mounted.  8.4 IP68 Waterproof all round including connections

AR Anti Reflection Glass, Bonded to the LCD Panel.  Vandal Proof, Waterproof, Condensation Proof.

Low Power Cool LED Backlighting.  Around half the power usage and no heat problems like its competitors.

InView Displays meet the European Standard for Recycling.


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